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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Radical Islam: The Opium of the Marxists? 

In The New Islamo-Marxism: Where Trotsky Meets Bin Laden, Bill King discusses the recent phenomenon of support for Islamic fundamentalism by many Marxists. Looking for a replacement for failed materialist revolutionary fronts, many Marxists are now aligning themselves with Islamic radicals, betraying many of the causes the left has traditionally championed.

The cruelest [irony] is that in championing the Islamist insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan, today's Western Islamo-Marxists are supporting the very forces that are terrorizing and murdering politically active women, trade unionists, foreign aid workers, and left-wing activists in those countries
Marxists have frequently co-opted essentially unrelated causes (nationalism, environmentalism, pacificism), but the growing links between Marxism and fundamentalism are something new and incomprehensible. Mr King's article sheds light on this new phenomenon.
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