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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Iraqi Freedom and Chinese Hypocrisy 

An article by Gerald Mercer recently published on Perspectives on World History and Current Events, quotes another author as follows:

"no one can possibly deny that the election was successful and champions the freedom that democracy brings. . . the Middle East has never before held a democratic election involving other parties and political factions."

"This act of democracy is completely different from the ruthless oligarchy of former President Saddam Hussein's 36-year long rule."

"Such an earthshaking change not only matches Iraq's national condition, but also follows the historical trend of the world's political democratisation." (emphasis added)

Who was being quoted? George Bush or John Negroponte? A neo-conservative think tank? A Murdoch Press journalist? In fact, the words quoted above were taken from an opinion piece by Ma Xiaolin in the China Daily (4th February, 2005)

In his article, which originally appeared in Melbourne magazine Social Action, Gerald Mercer comments on the breathtaking hypocrisy of the Chinese Communist Party, which publishes the China Daily, publishing an article that clearly recognises the benefits of the democratic transformation we are witnessing in the Middle East and yet refuses to countenance democracy for the people it rules. It would be nice to think that this article signalled a fresh direction for China's totalitarian dictatorship, but as Mr Mercer points out, the evidence points to the opposite conclusion.

Gerald Mercer's article, The Freedom Democracy Brings also discusses the democratic impulse currently spreading through the Middle East in more detail.
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