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Monday, October 04, 2004

Molloy and Latham Feed the Terrorists 

"Labor candidate Dr Ivan Molloy's article, "PM feeds the terrorists", demonstrates such an alarming failure of logic that Australians ought to be very concerned about the prospect that Molloy could soon be in Parliament. Following closely behind his wife's assertion that Liberal Parliamentarians are responsible for both the Bali bombings and the recent Jakarta embassy bombing, Molloy, like Mark Latham, has identified the first objective of global terrorism (the withdrawal of all foreigners - except terrorists - from Iraq) and made it his election policy. Is it any wonder that Jemaah Islamiyya recently cast its vote at the Australian embassy, just as Moroccan terrorists cast their vote in the Spanish elections?"

This is the first paragraph of an article I wrote to The Australian in response to an opinion piece by candidate for Fairfax, Dr Ivan Molloy. Photographs of Molloy training with separatist guerrillas in Mindanao have since appeared in the press.

A full report on the Molloy affair, accompanied by the article I wrote and the edited version The Australian published as a letter to the editor, are now available online.


My article:

Molloy's original article, PM Feeds the Terrorists:

An interesting comment by Greg Sheridan:
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