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Monday, May 17, 2004

President of Iraqi Governing Council killed in suicide bombing 

The President of the Iraqi Governing Council, Izzadine Saleem (aka Abdel-Zahraa Othman), was among six Iraqis killed two hours ago by a suicide carbomb while waiting at a Coalition Provisional Authority checkpoint.

Saleem was a Shiite and the leader of the Islamic Dawa Movement in Basra.

The terrorists clearly seek to undermine not just the foreign occupation, but also any possibility for Iraqi self-government except by the terrorists themselves. As I stated in my recent talk, it is vitally important that the Coalition not abandon the majority of Iraqs who support a transition to a stable, free and democratic country. Al-Qaeda's objective is to tear down all forms of order hostile to the terrorist agenda.

I would like to personally extend my sympathies and condolences to the people of Iraq.

We must stay the course, ensuring that Iraq possesses a viable, democractically-elected government capable of defending itself before we consider leaving.

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