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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Hinch Grinch grimaces at Cinderella's Prince 

Mark Richardson has posted on the out-of-step sourness of Derryn Hinch. Apparently oblivious to the overwhelming interest Australians have taken in Friday's wedding between Tasmanian Mary Donaldson (now Denmark's Crown Princess) and HRH Fredrik of Denmark, Hinch has been critical of the attention Fredrik has received, solely as a matter of birth. (An tenuous proposition by the way!)

This reminds me of the scrooge-like behaviour of Tasmania's Governor, His Excellency Richard Butler, whose narcissistic parading of his contempt for the institutions he has sworn to represent (such as declining to take the title "his Excellency") is cold-hearted and mean. Placed alongside the magic, romance and pageantry of the marriage of commoner Mary Donaldson to the handsome Crown Prince Fredrik, in Copenhagen, the city synonymous with fairytales, who could prefer Butler, or for that matter the Hinch grinch?
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