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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Now for some positive Iraq coverage! 

Jan Dehs of Norway just sent me the following e-mail in response to my piece on the ABC's pessimism about Iraq:


I read your "paranoid" and "cheesy" comments on Bjørn Stærk's Total War Blog and found my way to your own blog.

Having read your piece about ABC not finding anything positive, I thought I had better send you this in order to brighten up your day!


And indeed, it has brightened up my day!

The article, "What has gone right in Iraq?, reports on the flow of Iraqi refugees - back into Iraq.

This underlines one of the weaknesses in the left-wing anti-war position.

Many critics of the Australian Government contrast the Government's position on refugees (most of whom come from Iraq and Afghanistan's Hazara region) to the more compassionate position taken towards Vietnamese boat people by Malcolm Fraser's Government in the 1970s, after Australia and the United States failed to save South Vietnam from Marxist subversion. The current Prime Minister (John Howard) was Fraser's Deputy Leader.

However, as a general rule those who are most vocal on the refugee issue are also vocally opposed to the Coalition of the Willing's liberation of Iraq. If America and its Coalition allies (including Australia and Norway) are making such an awful mess of Iraq and Afghanistan, why have both countries gone from being the greatest sources of fleeing refugess to being the greatest recipients of repatriated refugees?

In the case of Vietnam, the flow of refugees in the opposite direction was the consequence of the withdrawal of military and logistical support by America, Australia and South Korea. In Iraq, democratic countries invaded a quasi-Marxist totalitarian state in order to instal democracy, whereas in Vietnam the Marxist North invaded and installed totaliarian Marxism. This is why Iraqi and Vietnamese refugees are so supportive of the war in Iraq.

Takk for linken Jan!
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