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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Islamist webpage recommended pre-election attacks on Spain 

The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment has discovered a strategy document that encourages terrorist attacks against Spanish interests as a method of driving Spain and other coalition members out of Europe, on an Islamist webpage.

This was reported by BjornStaerk Blog, which also contains excerpts translated into English.

The document, which includes analysis of Spanish elections back into the 1980s, demonstrates that the terrorists are highly advanced in their intelligence gathering and strategic thinking. They are not uni-dimensional automatons acting in direct response to their victims' foreign policies, but rather independent agents acting in the geopolitical arena.

The prevalent impression that terrorists will attack those countries that offend them (for example by invading Iraq) and leave alone those who toe the line (for example by withdrawing, as Zapatero plans to) is incorrect. This view denies the agency and intelligence that the Islamists clearly possess. It treats them as puppets that will behave in our interests if only we learn how to operate their strings. As the Madrid bombing and election demonstrate, the converse is true.

Whatever spin the world media or the Left put on the recent events in Spain, be assured that the world's Islamists are watching, listening and - most importantly - learning.
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