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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Australia's 2004 election - another M11? 

I very briefly met Australia's Opposition Leader, Mark Latham, at La Trobe University on Friday.

I asked him one question: "If you become Prime Minister, will you bring the troops back from Iraq?" He answered, "Sure, when they've finished their work, they'll be coming straight home." (Paraphrased).

He assumed I wanted to hear a "yes" and gave me a fob off answer, which for the purposes of the question was really a "no". Australian troops will not withdraw from Iraq until their duties have been discharged. Australia will not capitulate to terrorist threats, and therefore is less of a target. I just hope the Islamists are aware of Latham's position...

It would seem prudent for the residents of countries in the Coalition of the Willing to lobby their opposition parties to support the war!

Comment: Mark Latham radically changed his position several times in the ten days after I posted this. I hope to add another blog entry on this topic soon. -TS. 04/04/04

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